Boys Peeing in Lake Bathroom Humor Art

Boys Peeing in Lake Bathroom Humor Art

I guess boys will be boys. But Boys Peeing in Lake Bathroom Humor Art? Okay, you have to admit, it is funny even if not a terribly environmentally sound practice.

Young boys competing to see who can pee the farthest. Interesting subject matter. As shown this artwork is 11" x 14". But if you click thru to Amazon to check the price you will find more frame and size options.

If you have been a boy or if you are raising boys then you will fully understand the kind of things that make boys tick. Oh hell, just about anyone can see the humor here even if you don't understand what goes on in the minds of the young males of the human species.

It was long ago but I vaguely remember participating in similar "distance contests" as a boy so I can fully relate and can fully appreciate the humor pictured here.

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